We want your saddle to fit for a long time to come

In order for your saddle to continue to fit your horse, you need to check both the beam width and padding on an ongoing basis.

Our recommendations are that you review the padding every 6 months and keep an extra eye on the beam width at the beginning in consultation with your dealer from Kemnevall Collection.

When the saddle is new, the padding settles faster and it may then be time for a check already after 3 months.

We test saddles in a way where the backs can grow, did you know that a horse's back can expand up to 30% when it is in work? We make sure that the shape of the boom should carry evenly in lift and that the horse should be most comfortable in a correct job. We know that it is important that the saddle eases off and wears evenly. For the horse that has been pinched it makes a huge difference and it can quickly go from one size to another in beam width Does the saddle

slide? Start by looking over the beam width and padding, otherwise it's a visit with a vet / therapist who is on the way. Sliding saddles indicate that the horse is relieving itself or that you are crooked.

Looking over the saddle with your tester 2 times a year physically or digitally is recommended so that you have time to adjust any changes and crookedness that may occur as well as adjust width or padding. This is so that you and your horse will get such a stable and long-lasting fit from your saddle.

Some horses change a lot over the seasons, so keep an eye on it - an extra size up or down on the bar iron is always good to have at home so as not to be left standing if the horse gains weight or falls out.

Set up a plan with your dealer that is tailored to you and your horse.