Who is Anna Kemnevall?

A horse lover with the welfare of the horses as the highest priority - always

The interest in horses started already when I was 6 years old and then became something much more than just curiosity about riding.

The caning horse, the bicycle stable and our dog who was allowed to act as a horse were changed to a real horse when I was 15 and since then the horse element has been a fact

Grans Naturbruksgymnasium was my first contact with the horse business during high school, which of course sparked a desire to work with what I love - but in what form was unclear. The examination from there provided a good foundation to stand on.

Something that has interested me for most of my life has been lameness, the effect of training on the horse's body and the effect of the rider and the effect of the equipment. Simply sustainable horse. The team around the horse and the curiosity about the whole and how everything works is a constant process.

As a slightly heavier rider and talkative horses, I have always received very clear answers to equipment and training, which has resulted in a burning interest in the shape of the bar. Which is also the basis of my philosophy regarding saddles and development.

With research behind us and the outstanding results we achieve, this is the way to build a winning concept.

Some of the branch courses I have attended for horse health care and biomechanics are:

-Certified Massage & Laser therapist with additional training - Extension courses in sustainable horse - Equipment coach (ongoing) - Saddlefitting training from England - years as an apprentice with a saddle maker - collaborations with others in my profession who worked with the creation of saddles for 40 years. Competent team around the development of the saddle collections - mentors from the world of saddle makers who have worked with saddles for over 30 years with a focus on development in England - veterinary statements on rehab horses where we worked with the whole - SWUS building system and more. I am definitely grateful to have these amazing people in my life.

I believe in saddle testing on the horse's terms with the horses as a compass  with al parts around the horses as a starting point and my humility before the animal and its conditions is something that I have as a value base.

When I couldn't find saddles where I felt the horses were satisfied, I started designing and developing my own saddles where back health and saddle tree shape are the basis together with the riders' conditions in the saddle - saddles created with the horses as a compass where the horses have chosen

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