Kemnevall DR Bonnie 

For the horse:

 Wide boom shape

Bonnie has raised the front and width of the boom, which means that it takes both a high and wide withers

 The bar fits straight to slightly curved horses

Wide channel

 Trapezius-relieving TSM bosses with a relieving foam closest to the horse and wool in the core

For the rider:

Fits normal to narrower hip angle that needs support quickly. Covers short streams that widen quickly. A saddle for the round pelvis that wants support in the front with padding under the small cap, but can also take flat pubic bones.

Suits the rider who wants to sit framed by shins but have full freedom in the seat

Same seat as Evidence but without padded small covers

Open seat

Color : Black, brown, tobacco Optional: Varnish in the colors Black & Cognac pull

Back arch: Plain

Seat: 16.5-18.5

Adjustable tree from narrow - xxwide 

Price : depends on country 

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