Kemnevall Collection

The goal we share with you is a sustainable horse and pain-free riding
Kemnevall Collection is a Swedish saddle brand developed with the horses as a compass

The saddles and the trees are designed in Sweden, wide saddle tree shaped that are designed to fit in expansion and lift of the horse.  Seats and flaps designed to meet the needs of different riders. Build  to match the unik shape of  pelvis and hip joints . Panels with a mix of wool and super shock absoring memoryfoam. 

Kemnevall saddles should be fitted to the horses back in lift and expansion. Al the saddles got addjustable trees. Easy follow up with your reseller or online with a reseller nearby . 


Customers, veterinarians & therapists from all over Sweden turn to us
when the horses are not performing as they should  , and they are not lame . With a poor muscle status in the back. We work in a different way. We adapt the wide treeshape and fit the saddle so the horse can grow muscels again - and make sure that the rider fits correct in the saddle . We also look over the training , rehab , prehab. There is research that shows that saddle tree  shape is important and that a horse's back can expand up to 30% when working. We fit saddles that are the best for lifting and work. With the horse as a compass.


We value knowledge

long horse ownership and training as well as cooperation and training within al the parts around horse and rider to give you security as a customer. Saddle fitting  is complex and a solid knowledge of tree shape and flocking is needed. It is not something you learn in a short time. Those who work together with the Kemnevall Collection team , is educated in many years, many of them terapists,  massage and laser as well as horse and rider biomechanics. With us, short courses alone are not enough. We ensure quality for your security and everyone
who works with the brand has several years of training in horses.

Do you want to give your horse the opportunity for a strong and healthy back? Do you want your horse to be happy and willing to work? Are you tired of nothing working for a while longer? Do you want help from someone who can help you and is trained in al parts around the horse? Do you want help from someone who wants you and your horse to have a good time? Saddle tree shape is not the same as boom width and we promise that your horse will thank you when he fits into his new saddle. Do you want to make a change? - then you've come to the right place

Saddlefitting is not just about riding in as many saddles as possible

We only work with a maximum of 3 saddles that you ride in per testing session to put the horse's welfare in focus. We know that this is what the horse is capable of taking in,  since we want the horse being able to like its equipment, we have chosen to have this idea as a basis. You can of course see more saddles in the aisle to get help on your journey to find your dream saddle.

Kemnevall Collection

Stands for Swedish development in the saddle industry, innovation, quality and long-term sustainability.

Durability both when it comes to the horse's performance and the goal of the saddle for you and your horse

The saddles are designed to fit over time with the changeable beam width and the fantastic TSM - boss that can be reupholstered

We work for you and for your horse - with a durable horse as goal

Anna Kemnevall, CEO

Why is a saddle from Kemnevall a good investment?

Swedish innovation and a competent team working for healthier horses - saddles you have for a long time

Quality - we choose a stable leather that can withstand tough conditions
Durability - we test the saddles to make sure they work over time. The right boom shape, adjustable boom width and a TSM panel ( wool and 1 cm special foam against the horse)  that has great adjustment options means you can have your saddle for a long time. It is very rare that our customers replace the saddles if they are properly adjusted and maintained by an authorized Kemnevall dealer
Kemnevall Collection supports female entrepreneurs and works for healthier horses - We work for an understanding of horses' needs when it comes to equipment. We work to ensure that the rider fits equally well in his saddle. We work to constantly improve for you and your horse's sake.
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Kuhner Dressage 

Grand prix riders  

Kemnevall's saddles have done wonders for our horses' backs. From tense, unmuscled to soft, relaxed and round backs. Several of our horses move with a different ease and have a different will to movement after we started riding in Kemnevall's saddles. We are super satisfied!


Anna Holmkvist 

Educated at Strömsholm and competition merits up to St. Georg & junior SM dressage

Anna has an eye beyond the ordinary. She never compromises with the horse's well-being and is very good at taking a long-term view. A whole that most cannot offer.
Erika Kusmin 

Leg vet

Anna is knowledgeable and a firebrand. She looks after the horse's well-being and as a veterinarian I feel safe in my collaboration with her.
Lena Unneby 

C dressage trainer, breeder, team at SM level

My horses have never performed as well as when you took over the equipment department. It's great that many more people get professional help from you.


"The saddles continue to work year after year - much cheaper than changing saddles often because the horse protests"

"You have helped many crews that I visit. I recommend you to any team where I see a problem coming from the saddle”

 Leg veterinarian Olof Augustinsson  - specialized in movement disorders, primarily of a dynamic nature, i.e. when the movement of the legs is aberrant, slowly shortened and/or powerless"


” My horse has never performed as well as after you took over the equipment department. You are so good at what you do. It's great that many more people are getting professional help ”

 Lena Unneby, C trainer dressage

Are you unsure whether we are right for you and your horse?

"You give me the conditions to succeed and to continue developing"

 Anna Holmkvist 


Kemnevall Collection

Helps several hundred horses and riders every year to a healthier life