Kemnevall Collection

The foundation of the Kemnevall Collection is sustainability. Both in the form of sustainable horses, sustainable riders and a long-term sustainable result.

The bars are designed to give room and enable optimal lifting of the horse and maintain the rider over the horse's deepest point.

The 3D shape of the bar is adapted to horse and rider when the horse is at its most expanded so as not to restrict circulation. Buying a saddle from the Kemnevall Collection means a long-term collaboration where we have built a saddle that, if adjusted correctly from the start, should last for several years. A long-term investment.

The team behind the Kemnevall Collection consists of professionals, therapists, riding instructors, farriers and the results are followed up by independent veterinarians. We who work with the products have several years of training in horses in order to be able to guide you as a whole moving forward.

The Kemnevall Collection is a quality series of saddles with a strong goal, to contribute to better horse welfare with a concept that differs from what is available. A very own way of trying out saddles, planning the whole, training plan and follow-up. We work to be part of the team around you and your horse long-term for several years to come.