Kemnevall DR Queen 

For the horse:

 Wide tree shape with seating point far forward

Queen have cut back and wide sides, extra long points, which means that it takes both a high and a wide wither

 The tree is suitable for  slightly curved horses  or overbuilt horses as the tree come up fast in the back .

Wide channel

Trapezius-relieving TSM bosses with a 1 cm relieving foam closest to the horse and wool in the core

For the rider:

Fits a semi narrow hip angle that needs support quickly in the seatbones.

Suits the rider who wants support for the legs and a semi open seat

Color : Black, brown, tobacco

Back facing :  Plain, pathernt , crocco/ pathernt, black and Cognac Pull , stones

Adjustable gullet narrow - xxwide

Price : Depends on country  

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