Kemnevall Collection

The Kemnevall Collection is a collection of saddles developed with the horse's back health in focus. The function of the saddles has a strong focus on the horse's performance and the rider's position in the saddle.

The horse as a compass permeates every saddle, and a pain-free riding life reflects the different seats developed for different riders.

We have chosen to work with a TSM - bossa that we developed. A thick foam closest to the horse with wool in the core to be able to adjust the saddles to perfection for each horse.
All saddles have UG systems. A system that has been developed to be able to adjust the width of the saddle but at the same time allow for more width at the base of the withers.

All saddles have a wide relief channel and can be adjusted to a large extent according to each horse's unique shape.

Each saddle that is developed can be fitted and function over time if you use the help of an authorized dealer from the Kemnevall Collection who knows both the horse's biomechanics, padding and the rider's condition in the saddle

All Saddles from Kemnevall
Collection is equipped with the Universal gullet - home changing system